Friday, September 30, 2011

That's not true!!

by Katy Kam, City College of San Francisco ESL Student

This is Rachel Tan who I interviewed last week. Rachel is from China and she has been in the United States since 2010.

Left Rachel Tan and Right Katy Kam

Katy: Do you follow the news?

Rachel: Yes, I follow it every day.

Katy: What interests you?

Rachel: Well, Everything related with entertainment interest me. Also I like fashion, design in clothes and news about health.

Katy: Where do you look?

Rachel: I look for news on the website New York Times, the Sing Lang, a Chinese website and also the Tencent website.

Katy: Who do you believe?

Rachel: I don’t believe what the newspaper says in case of the design, that says: you might look very good with this style. But I like to read what they say.

Katy: Are your perspectives being represented?

Rachel: My perspectives are being represented a few times, and different people have different opinions about the same entertainment. Even if my opinion matches others, it could be fake.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Difference makes confused

by Amy Chen, City College of San Francisco ESL Student

Left Yan, right Amy

The respondent, who is named Yan Thein is from Burma Myanmar, has been in San Francisco for a month and a half.

Amy: Do you follow the news?

Yan: Yes, but I usually follow the sport news.

Amy: What interests you in the news?

Yan: Sports, and fashion news interest me the most, but I am also interested in world’s news, and US’s sport news.

Amy: Where do you look?

Yan: I look online, like Yahoo, YouTube and HYPEBEAST for fashion news.

Amy: Who do you believe?

Yan: I don’t really believe in the news, because the information may vary from site to site.

Amy: Are your perspectives being represented?

Yan: Nope, I don’t think so, because while in my country, we always get the made-up stories in the news.

I Just Believe The Facts

by Jinyan Li ,City college of San Francisco ESL Student

Natalia Chernetsova is from Russia, she has lived in for nine months, She follows the news. She is interested in world and local news. She watches BBC news on the Internet and local news on TV. What she believes are the facts like natural disasters such as fires, airplane crashes, and earthquakes. She believes nothing other than this. Somethings like politics she doesn't believe. Because of lacking of information related to her country, her perspectives are not being represented

Shocked News

By Leon Gao, City College of San Francisco ESL Student
I interviewed Qing Liang who is from China and has been San Francisco for almost 3 years.

Here is our Q & A.

Leon: Do you follow the news?

Qing: Not really. I just follow news sometimes.

Leon: What interets you?

Qing: I am interested in the news about entertainment and social security. For example, I followed the news about the Sichuan earthquake and the Japan earthquake. The news really gave me a big shock.

Leon: Where do you look?

Qing: I only use the Internet to look news with my computer at home. is one website I use most often.

Leon: Who do you believe?

Qing: It depends on the situation in the news. Mostly, I support the one which I am interested in.

Leon: Are your perspectives being represented?

Qing: Sometimes I have the idea with prejudice. For example, the economy is not so good in the United States now, but I disagree strongly that the government cut the budget of education and increase tuition time after time. Maybe the news which I support or against is based on our benefits.

Which one do you believe in?

Karen (left) and Kazumi (right)

by Kazumi Saeki, City College of San Francisco ESL Student

My friend, Karen Yip is from Hong Kong and has been here for two years. She fallows the news through the Internet. Her favorite website is Yahoo Hong Kong. She believed news reporters on TV when she was in her country. She is interested in home country news, world news and entertainment. Karen is strongly concerned about nature and animals because of this ecology system. Her perspectives depend on the news channels because she thinks some of them are reported subjectively. For example, when she watched the news on the Apple Action News about a girl who fell down from the fifth floor, they reported that the girl was curious so she climbed out of the window even though the fact was not clear. On the other hand, on the TVB News, they reported that the girl might act like that because of her curiosity. Karen would believe in the TVB News rather than the Apple Action News in this case. That's why she prefers to watch the news channels which are reported objectively.

Different Culture

by Vivian Zhao, City College of San Francisco Student
Widad (left) and Vivian (right)
I want to introduce my partner Widad. She is from Morocco. She has lived in San Francisco for one year. She is a full time student who wants to study psychology. She likes to smile, her smiling is so pretty. She likes to talk with people. She is outgoing. She follows the news by herself sometimes, and she also watches some news arabic and english with her father. She is interested in the world news, including entertainment and politics. Most of time she gets the news online, the website is that covers the news all around the world. She is not sure that some fact is reported by news, but her perspectives are being represented frequently.

Where is the funny news??????

By Alex Yeon, City College of San Francisco ESL Student.

I interviewed Marisela, who is from Mexico and has lived in San Francisco for four years

Interviewer: Do you follow the news?
Marisela : Yes. Sometimes I read newspaper or watch TV news.

Interviewer: What interests you?
Marisela : I am interested in parts of entertainment, sports, and weather forecast in the

Interviewer: Where do you look?

Marisela : I look websites such as Google, Yahoo, and watch TV as well as listens to the

Interviewer: Who do you belive?
Marisela : Among the media, I believe TV news the most because I think it explains clearly and shows visual materials for reader to help understand the event or news.

Interviewer: Are your perspectives being respresented?

Marisela : I don't think so because i think there is not true information and they tend to
show one side of the news or events. For instance, article should be reported
fairly ,but sometimes it mention only positive or negative effect.

I finised interview with her. she was active and honest during interview.

A small country doesn't have news!!

By Gloria Medina, City College of San Francisco ESL student

Katy Kam Yap is from Panama and she has been here in San Francisco for one year and four months.

Gloria: Katy, do you follow the news?

Katy: Yes, but not often.

Gloria: What interests you?

Katy: I like to read articles about: science, crime and entertainment.

Gloria: Where do you look?

Katy: I read the newspaper Sunday and search on the New York Times website.

Gloria: Who do you believe?

Katy: I believe what is written in the newspaper because it's the only alternative that I have.

Gloria: Are your perspectives being represented?

Katy: I am from Panama and I have not seen news about my country. The only news I saw was few weeks ago that was a big crime, it’s very sad because I didn't like to see that the only time that Panana apeared in the news was just for the incident that happened.

Is He A News Junkie ?

By Qing Liang, City College of San Francisco ESL Student.

I had a good time to interview my classmate Leon, he is from China and has been in America for one and half years.

Qing: Do you follow the news?

Leon: Not really. It depends on the topics of the news.

Qing: What interests you?

Leon: I'm interested in the news that is about sports, technology, society, and politics.

Qing: Where do you look?

Leon: I usually read the newspapers in the library during my lunch break at work. If I have time, I will go to a website like or to search my interesting news at home. Most of the news I read is in Chinese, which is my first language.

Qing: Who do you believe?

Leon: It also depends on the topics the person talk about. For example, the recent news I'm interested in is San Francisco's 2011 Mayoral race, and I would like to believe in David Chiu, because some of his views of how to help the economy of San Francisco seem workable.

Qing: Are your perspectives being represented?

Leon: I t
hink my perspectives are being represented when the news interests me, and it is also related to my benefits, such as the news about the cut down service of the SF Muni. Because I often take bus to school, I disagree with it strongly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hot Issue!!

by Karen Yip,
City College of San Francisco ESL Student

I interviewed my friend, Kazumi Saeki. She is from Japan, and she has been in San Francisco for eight months.

K: Kazumi Saeki
I: Interviewer

I: Do you follow the news?

K: Yes, I often check the news.

I: What interests you?

K: My home country's news and world news, especially the news about Korea and China.

I: Where do you look?

K: I look on Yahoo Japan and Yahoo US.

I: Who do you believe?

K: I believe in famous broadcasters, especially the broadcasters in news TV channels which for young people at the night, such as News 24 and News Zero.

I: Are your perspectives being represented?

K: It depends. For example, I would believe in Japanese articles about good events in my country rather than the US, but I also believe in bad issues about Japan written by Americans.

**Photo: Kazumi Saeki(right), Karen Yip(left)

My interview with Yao Ming on his retirement....naaa just kidding :)

by Yan,City College of San Francisco,ESL student.

I, Yan from Yangon, Burma have been studying
in San Francisco for a month and a half interviewed Amy from Guangzhou,China who has been in San Francisco for a year and few months.

YAN: Do you follow the news?

AMY: Nope not really. I only follow news when I have school work which isnt that often.

YAN: What interests you?

AMY: What interests me? I would have to say world news and yeah U.S sports news.

YAN: Where do you look?

AMY: mostly online New York Times and yahoo are my source and sometimes also newspaper in my own language like Xing Dao Newspapers.

YAN: Who do you believe?

AMY: I believe in main idea of the news but not the perspective opinions of others.

YAN: Are your perspectives being represented?

AMY: No cause I don’t believe in it cause sometimes the news does not tell the truth of my culture.

News aren't old

by Martini Mok, City College of San Francisco ESL student

I have interviewed Ecaterina Patrasco few days ago and her nickname is Katrin. She comes from Russia and has been living in San Francisco for 3 years.

Martini: Do you follow news?
Katrin: Yes. I follow news every day. I follow about world news.

Martini: What interests you?
Katrin: Everything.For example: world news. Just like, I saw horrible news yesterday about elderly couple, he is 70 and she is 58 years old, who adopted a baby from Russia. The doctors have seen bruises and cuts on few different occasions of the baby. The ultimate blow over the head broken the boys skull, which result it in death.

Martini: Where do you look?
Katrin: I will watch Russian TV and listen to NPR every day. Sometimes, I listen to KQED twice a week. Left: Me Right: Ecaterina Patrasco

Martini: Who do you believe?
Katrin: I believe Russian TV such as Vremia

Martini: Are you perspectives being represented?
Katrin: Never because after listening to the news, I never discuss it with anyone.

News equal to Your Life?

by Rachel Tan, City College of San Francisco
 left:Rachel, right:Gloria

This is Gloria Esmeralda Medina Espinosa who is my interview partner. She comes from Mexico and has been in San Francisco since 2009.

Rachel: Hello, Gloria! Do you follow the news?

Gloria: Yes, I read news on the weekdays.

Rachel: What interests you?

Gloria: I like economic news and world news.

Rachel: Where do you look?

Gloria: San Francisco newspaper and online on the bloombery site.

Rachel: Who do you believe?

Gloria: I don't believe a lot, the news usually makes the events bigger than normal.

Rachel: Are your perspectives being represented?

Glroia: Not really. They always cover bad news. Every news about Mexico is about drug wars, and even I read that I feel scared to go back to my hometown.

news are allways news

Alex Yeon
September 30, 2011

By Marisela Magana, City College of San Francisco ESL Student

I would like to introduce my classmate Alex Yeon who is from Korea but he has lived here in San Francisco since July. He studies ESL 150 at the City College of San francisco. He likes to follow the news every day in the evenings and his favorite web is "naver" a Korean web side on the internet. He is interested in entertainment, sports and shoking news. He doesn't like to shadow politics and economics. He trust in his Korean web side (naver) and Google because they show the true. He doesn't have any perspectives yet because he has only lived here two months.

Better news is Less news

by Natalia Chernetsova, City College of
San Francisco ESL Student
My partner was:
Jinyan Li
from China

He has been in
San Francisco
one year

On the question does he follow the news he answered: No. The arguments were he thinks there is a lot of negative untrue information which you can’t filter and as a result you don’t know what do you want to watch and will it be useful for you; also most news lasts too long that you can get bored. Rarely the news on TV from his hometown can grab his attention, and he thinks these are not fully represented on his opinion.

He strongly believes that your relatives, close friends, and people who surround you are more important than if you get a bunch of information about some people you even don’t know. So more often you can see Jinyan on Facebook and other related sites and not paying major attention to the news.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interview with Redwan

I had a great interview with my partner, Redwan. He comes from Saudi Arabia. He comes United States for English study firstly then he will apply to university for It major later. He is living in San Jose. He follows the news daily via internet. His credible source are Aljazeera chanel that is Arabic channel. It reports all events and news all over the world by Arabic and English. Politic is his representative. Internet is his life now, he uses facebook almost his leisure time. He rarely listens to radio also watch television. He is interested in music and politic.

Interviewed by Vanessa

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Her name is Vanessa

Vanessa is from Vietnam and lives in San Jose She is a student at SAL S follows the news and is interested in reading the news from the internet than from the newspapers She is really interested in education and economics Vanessa studies the US Today for local news and BBC online for international news Of the three perspective only her cultural perspective is being represented.

Reported by Shoujun

Monday, September 19, 2011


I want to introduce my friend Mako. She is from Miyazaki, Japan and lives in Milpltas, CA, USA. She is a student that wants to study business in the future. She follows the news and usually reads a news at the Internet by Japaness. She is interested in entertainment and plitics. And she believes newspaper, TV news, and internet news. She thinks her perspectives is represented through news.

Reported by Hailey

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Chinese friend

I have a good friend whom comes from Beijing of China. Bill is living at San Jose, CA, USA. He has a plan to pursue Master Degree at SJSU after he completes English Program. He wants to be an engineer in the future. Internet is a tool which helps him to get the news everyday. He gets news from China daily website, and it's a famous website at China. Sometimes, he receives news from his family through the email. His favorites topics are Business & Sports. He believes his father and government. In addition, China daily news is the source which he believes. And lifestyle was being his represented.
Reported by Thang

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The information of my partner-Thang

        Thang is my good friend,he is from Vietnam,and he lives near by SJSU campus now.Also Thang is a kind person,he always helps other people when they are in trouble.We like him very much.Meanwhile,Thang likes to read economic news,sports news and social news on Internet,such as UN Express,BBC,etc.Moreover,he prefers to read news published by his government,and he thinks he is able to know what happened in his country.Especially,now he is in the United States,he is far from his hometown and no one can help him here.So he believes his family and his friends in his country very much because they always give him some important advice,that is quite useful for him.

Reported by Bill

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mohammed comes from Saudi Arabia. He's a student. Now, he studies at San Jose state University. He particularly likes Politics and Sport, that's why he usually follows news from internet everyday, after his class. He gets information from Arabia daily website such as: Aljazera . That is a local website, it uses the offical language of Saudi Arabia- Arabic. It's famous and popular in his country. In his opinion, he just believes in everything he saw and sometimes, it depends on the accuracy of News or information source. He's interested in politics and Political was being his represented.

Reported by Clyn(dy) Thai.