Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Classmate Tina Li

I interviewed my classmate Tina Li who is from CCSF ESL66.
Because she is too shy to post her photo. So unfortunately, you get mine.

M: Do you follow the news?
T: Yes, almost every day.

M: What interests you?
T: Hollywood entertainment news.

M: Where do you look?
T: TV and Internet, Yahoo and Channel 7.

M: Who do you believe?
T: If that are some gossips, I would not believe. But I believe Yahoo and Channel 7.

M: Are your perspectives being represented?
T: Yes, I could read Johnny Deep's news.



Tran watchs news two days a week. She likes to watch politics, movie review, weather, and some local news. She usually get the news from TV, newspaper, and Internet. She reliances the news from TV and newspaper. She interesting in Lybia politics. Because she likes to watch people wearing different costumes.

Interview Judy

By Diep Nguyen (Daisy), City College of San Francisco ESL 66 Student

My classmate, Judy, comes from Taiwan and has lived in the US for 5 years. She likes to read Chinese newspaper and watch ABC channel on TV every day. She is interested in economic and healthy news or anything that catches her eyes. Judy subscribes to Chinese newspaper because she believes this newspaper. She also thinks that her perspective is being represented.

Interview Lovely Classmate

Tran Tran, City College of San Francisco ESL 66 student.
Stephanie Jiang (left) and Tran Tran (right)

My classmate Stephanie Jiang who comes from China follows news everyday. She is interested in sport, entertainment, weather, and live traffic report. She usually looks for the news on TV channel 2, 4, and 26 when she stays at home and listens to it on the radio channel FM 88.5 Hz when she drives her car. She rarely catchs the news on newspaper because she feels guilty when she tosses newspapers in the garbage everyday. She says she believes all the news she catchs.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Intervewing My Classmate Yvonne

by Shuping Li (Sophia), City College of San Francisco ESL66 student

 I interviewed my classmate Yvonne, who comes from China. I asked her about her perspectives about news. Here is my interview report.

Sophia: Hi! Yvonne. Can I ask you something about your perspectives of news?

Yvonne: Sure.

Sophia: Do you follow the news?

Yvonne: yes. I follow the news every day.

Sophia: What interests you?

Yvonne:  I am interested in the news about International, San Francisco and China.

Sophia: Where do you look for the new?

Yvonne: I usually get the news from KTSF(Channel 26), which is an Asian-language broadcast station and TVB, which is a Hong Kong broadcast station. Sometimes I search for the news on the Internet. For example, I often look for the news from and that is from China.

Sophia: Who do you believe?

Yvonne: Well, I believe all media.

Sophia: Are your perspectives being represented?

Yvonne: Yes, they are being represented. For instance, from the 7p.m.Cantonese News at KTSF, I can get important information about San Francisco, the whole USA, China and other countries. Actually, I like that program because it broadcasts by Cantonese that is my mother language.

Sophia: OK. I get that. Thanks for your answers.

Yvonne: You're welcome.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Catching Sukanda's perspective

By Kenneth Carl Torio, City College of San Francisco ESL Student

I would like to introduce my classmate, Sukanda O' Donnell. O' Donnell follows the news often at least three times a week because her interest is about political news and also in the world news. There are many kinds of news titles she look at such as, NBC, CNN, Fox, CBS, and Bangkok Post online newspaper as well.O' Donnell believes in the newscasters named, Ann Curry from NBC, Wolf Blitzer from CNN, and last but not least, Brian Williams from NBC night news because she thinks they deliver the message very well. Most of the time her perspective was being represented and she watch both political sides to get different ideas and compare their information and see different political views.

Sukanda O' Donnell on the left, Me on the right

News perspective conducted by Sukanda ESL students of CCSF

The interviewee is my ESL 66 classmate named Kenneth. He follows the news, but only major stories, like natural disasters. His news perspective is being represented by the news station which he watches, from the Philippines, such as "TV Patrol" and "24 Hours". Although, he pointed out that it is a good idea to get different details from a variety of sources. Therefore, he occasionally checks out news from ABC in the U.S. as well.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Young girl----Sophia

By Yvonne ESL66 student, City College of San Francisco

Sophia , who comes from China, follows the news every day, She is interested in international, local news, entertainment and people lives. She usual looks from the in ternet to get the news. Such as ""and"new york times". Sometimes she believes it, but some medias are controlled by the goverment, she doesn't believe because the news lacks of true. She just trust famous media, For example "new york times".

Interview Daisy

Judy Peng, City College of San Francisco ESL 66 Student

Daisy follows the news every day. She interests in economy and business fields. She looks for news from internet because it's more convenience to her to get the news of Vietnan (Her home town) and it's faster. She believes yahoo news and thinks it's perspectives being presented.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My classmate Mayuko

By Brooklyn, Palo Alto Adult School ESL student

My classmate Mayuko is from Japan. She's been America with her husband for one month, and she is very new.
She likes to surfing online and read the CNN news from the website. Sometimes she also read free local newspapers. Most interesting news for her are the economy, politics and entertainment news. Mayuko follows the news every evening, just before she goes to sleep. She usually spends one hour on the news per day, and she believes most of the news she reads.

Monday, October 17, 2011

An interview with a smart Japanese girl

by Sophy, Palo Alto Adult School ESL student

Kimi comes from Japan. She likes to read news via the internet. She is most interested in economy and business news on " Yahoo Japan", "CNN" and "The Wall Street Journal". Kimi prefers to read " The Wall Street Journal" and believes this web site. She also thinks it has an objective view and her perspective is being represented.

Welcome to CA !!

by_Kazue , Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student

I introduce my nice friend who called Hui Ling.
She came here just only two months ago from Taiwan! She is very new. :)
She says that everything is different here from her country but interesting. She enjoys this life.

She follows the news in the weekend.
She interests in political/life/health/weather forecast news.
She say that sometimes a lot of people (newspapers,TVs,politicians) give us the different information even though same an occurrence.
That's why she checks the fix sources.
For example, when she follows the political news she checks "The Liberty Times" site by the internet, when she follows the international news she checks "CNN News" by TV.
She has her view when she follows the news.  I think it is very important to understand the news exactly.

A interview from KAZUE

By HuiLing, Palo Alto Adult School ESL student

On Monday morning, I had an interview with KAZUE who comes from Japan, and has lived in the U.S. for one and half years.

She follows the news every morning. This includes local, science, technology, or anything that catches her eye. KAZUE surfs the web and gets her news from "". In addition, she also watches "CNN News" on television to learn what's happening.

Though there are so much news everyday, KAZUE prefers to read the sources mentioned above and discusses these with her husband. Kazue's views are sometimes represented.

Julia's News

Interviewed by Anna Maier, Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student

Let me  introduce my partner Julia from Mexico. Julia is a nice, helpful person and lives in Sunnyvale. She catches the news on the radio at 94.9, when she drives in her car. Futhermore, she follow the news online. She is interested in the economy in Mexico and follows the news all around the world. Most of time she gets the news online, CNN is one of the websites that she trusts but for all that she is not naive and can tell  the difference  from real facts and gossip.

Getting know each other

By Fari, Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student

I would like to introduce my classmate and friend Lily. She is from El Salvador. She has lived in USA for 10 years. She’s married and has a 6 year old son. She doesn’t follow the news very often, but sometimes she listens to headline news from channel 7 and also she follows news in Spanish although she believes that channel 7 is more reliable source for following news.

My News

My name is Jessica. I come from China.Before I came to USA ,I was fit to carry out the enomomic work in China. I think I am interested in accounting and am familiar with some accounting knowledge.So becoming a USCPA in the U.S is the goal I am striving towards. I currently take ESL classes at PAVSD. I hope I can improve my speaking fluency and know more American culture through ESL classes. Absolutely,I hope I can finish my goal in USA.
In my daily life,besides studying,I like to read some social news and development in China.I get a lot of informations from the Chinese web sites such as "".I believe most of news.But sometimes, I think some news just is to amuse the reader.

My Classmate Esther

My name is Elizabeth and I go to Greendell Adult school.Today I interviewed one of my classmates and her name is Esther, she came from Taiwan 5 months ago and she live with her husband in Los Altos. Esther follows the news everyday, she reads the Los Altos local newspaper or goes into yahoo and google for international news.Her interest is the Headlines, entertainment. She doesn`t really believe everything in the newspapers and when she has a doubt, she does some research on the internet on googlenews.

My Classmate Elizabeth and Sam

Esther, Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student

Today I had a chance to talk to Elizabeth and Sam about their
habit of news reading .

Elizabeth is from Senegal and she has been living here for 2 years. Everyday Elizabeth spends some times to watch ABC, CNN and KTVU. She is most interested in
headline and entertainment related news.
Elizabeth thinks the news from CNN is more trust worthy and sometimes her perspectives are being represented.

My other partner Sam who is from Iran. Sam told me that he watches news from Iranian Night News, ABC, BBC, KQED and VOA every evening. Because Sam used to be a physics teacher and always has a passion for art, he not only cares about political issues, but also he is interested in science and art. Sam said that watching and reading English news is a good way to improve English.

Yanna tell us about news

Hi, my name is Alena. I am a Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student
I am acquainted with Yanna. She came to U.S. from China.
She told me that she follows the news every day. Most interests news for her are the economy and entertainment, world news.
She always looks for the news at the internet (, TV (CNN) and radio (FM 95.5).
She believes the TV news reporter most than the other, but not all the news, because sometimes they have themselves opinion.
If the news she believes she'll be represent.

My Interview With Fari.

By Lily, Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student

My partner is Fari. She's from Iran. She likes to follow the news everyday. She follows political news especially news about her country. She reads the news from the internet. She follows BBC and VOA sites. She belives in BBC because it's more reliable, but she feels she is not completly being represented.
By Sam, Palo Alto School ESL Student

My partner is Esther. She is from Taiwan. She likes headlines, entertainment and international news.She goes online and uses Yahoo news. Sometimes she reads the local newspaper like Daily News. She does not believe everything that write on, due to she think sometimes the news were censored.

A Korean Woman and News

By Moneh, Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student

Her name is Lim. She is from Korea. She is 47. She is interested in news. She often reads the news from the internet, but sometimes she hears news from TV when she is exercising. The sites that she follows are CNN, Yahoo, Google and Naver. She is curious about the economy, education and world news. She trusts these sites and believes what she reads from them.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ms. Hanna Park

I would like to introduce my partner in CERV class. Her name is Hanna. She is from Korea, Seoul. Now she lives in San Jose with her roommate. She is a student in Studies in American Language in San Jose State University to improve her English skills for example, reading, writing, and oral communication. Hanna follows the news from internet every day. She is very interested in lifestyle and people’s life around the world. She exceptionally likes fashion because she wants to improve her knowledge about her lifestyle. Hanna believes Ms. Juhakim, a famous journalist in Korea. She is very interesting to follows her articles. Hanna always believes Juhakim's articles because she is really right when she write a subject.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rayan H. Alhawiti

I want to introduce my classmate Rayan. He is from Saudi Arabia and lives in San Jose. He is a student in Studies in American Language in San Jose State University. He follows the news from friends and internet. Especially, he interested in Engineering and Green Building. Because of his major. He likes social community. And also he likes share a news on socieal community.

Reported by Hanna

Thursday, October 6, 2011

About Abdulmalik

Abdulmalik is from Saudi Arabia, Damman in east Saudi. He studied management in college. He doesn't like to follow the news much, but sometimes he searches imformations from internet news. He likes to read about sports, economies and communties. And he is really interested in cultural part. In fact, he doesn't read articles much, but ,from now on,he will try to read more. And he will get more interest about society.

Reported by Eunjeong La

Monday, October 3, 2011

And News Again!!!

On friday I interviewed Martini Mok, who studies ESL150, at City College in San Francisco.She is from Hong Kong and has been in San Francisco for three months.
Katrin:Do you follow the news?
Martini:Yes, every day.
Katrin:What interests you?
Martini:Sports, entertainment, local news, sometimes Taiwan news and entertainment.
Katrin:Where do you look?
Martini:In the newspaper "The Examiner",, BBC, CNN, Taiwan news.
Katrin:Who do you believe?
Martini:Just sports because the result can not be changed.
Katrin:Are your perspectives being represented?
Martini:Yes, sports, for example, giants lost their game few days ago when they played with LA Doggers.The author was sad about that and I am really sad about it too.