Saturday, October 29, 2011

Intervewing My Classmate Yvonne

by Shuping Li (Sophia), City College of San Francisco ESL66 student

 I interviewed my classmate Yvonne, who comes from China. I asked her about her perspectives about news. Here is my interview report.

Sophia: Hi! Yvonne. Can I ask you something about your perspectives of news?

Yvonne: Sure.

Sophia: Do you follow the news?

Yvonne: yes. I follow the news every day.

Sophia: What interests you?

Yvonne:  I am interested in the news about International, San Francisco and China.

Sophia: Where do you look for the new?

Yvonne: I usually get the news from KTSF(Channel 26), which is an Asian-language broadcast station and TVB, which is a Hong Kong broadcast station. Sometimes I search for the news on the Internet. For example, I often look for the news from and that is from China.

Sophia: Who do you believe?

Yvonne: Well, I believe all media.

Sophia: Are your perspectives being represented?

Yvonne: Yes, they are being represented. For instance, from the 7p.m.Cantonese News at KTSF, I can get important information about San Francisco, the whole USA, China and other countries. Actually, I like that program because it broadcasts by Cantonese that is my mother language.

Sophia: OK. I get that. Thanks for your answers.

Yvonne: You're welcome.

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