Monday, October 3, 2011

And News Again!!!

On friday I interviewed Martini Mok, who studies ESL150, at City College in San Francisco.She is from Hong Kong and has been in San Francisco for three months.
Katrin:Do you follow the news?
Martini:Yes, every day.
Katrin:What interests you?
Martini:Sports, entertainment, local news, sometimes Taiwan news and entertainment.
Katrin:Where do you look?
Martini:In the newspaper "The Examiner",, BBC, CNN, Taiwan news.
Katrin:Who do you believe?
Martini:Just sports because the result can not be changed.
Katrin:Are your perspectives being represented?
Martini:Yes, sports, for example, giants lost their game few days ago when they played with LA Doggers.The author was sad about that and I am really sad about it too.

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