Monday, October 17, 2011

My Classmate Elizabeth and Sam

Esther, Palo Alto Adult School ESL Student

Today I had a chance to talk to Elizabeth and Sam about their
habit of news reading .

Elizabeth is from Senegal and she has been living here for 2 years. Everyday Elizabeth spends some times to watch ABC, CNN and KTVU. She is most interested in
headline and entertainment related news.
Elizabeth thinks the news from CNN is more trust worthy and sometimes her perspectives are being represented.

My other partner Sam who is from Iran. Sam told me that he watches news from Iranian Night News, ABC, BBC, KQED and VOA every evening. Because Sam used to be a physics teacher and always has a passion for art, he not only cares about political issues, but also he is interested in science and art. Sam said that watching and reading English news is a good way to improve English.

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  1. Esther,
    I really liked your blog and loved how you used the expression "no news is good news!". Keep up the blogging!