Friday, November 18, 2011

We Are a Very Diverse Class!

The students in our class speak nine different languages. We follow the news in our own languages, but we also watch and read news in English. We like the Simple English news website.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Report about My Partner

My name is Tram Nguyen. I have a report about my partner. I interviewed her for about 15 minutes.

Her name is Huichen. She came from Taiwan. She told me that she likes to exercise with her husband every morning in a park near her house and come back home to eat breakfast. She does some chores in the house.

Her hobby is reading Chinese books, especially history books. Her most memorable event is when she climbed to the top of a high mountain in Taiwan and looked down feeling very scared. She told me that she wants to pass an interview to become a U.S. citizen.

She usually follows the news on TV. She wants to watch about her country and what happened at there. She believes her husband. When she wants to get a clear view of things talked about in the news, she always discusses with her husband. I don’t always believe news either. I think that some news is just speculation only and I am not sure whether it has happened or not.

Thank you for reading my report.

Posted by Tram Nguyen

My Interview

My partner is Ngoc, who comes from Viet Nam. Her hobby is traveling all over the world. She said she and her husband want to make a lot of money to travel when they can. She also said she feels comfortable and happy when she goes to many foreign countries, because she can get more knowledge about the culture, traditions, customs, and things like that from there. Everyday, she follows the news on internet, especially the weather news, and she said she wants to make sure about the weather of the countries before she decides to go. On the other hand, she also likes the world news. She said she cannot travel if the war happens. It is difficult for her to travel to the countries where the war is happening. She usually finds some sources to get news from, or radio with AM 1290, a local Vietnamese radio station. When I asked her “who do you believe and do you think news is presented objectively especially when news from her home country is involved”, she said she just believes herself. And she only believes 50 % about the news, and she will find other sources which are related to that news. Because she said after she came to America, she has gotten a lot of differences about the political news from her country, which are not true. That is the reason why she wants to know news from her country from all different sources.

By Anh Ngo

Report about My Interview

Today, I interviewed Mrs. Petrov. She came from Russia, and she is studying English
at Milpitas Adult School. She told me about herself. She like to go to the gym every day, and she enjoys running too. Her most memorable event is when she got married.
Her dream is to make a long voyage to Antarctica.

She usually listens to music on the radio and she watches world news, sport news on TV on First Channel, a Russian channel. She often uses for Russian news. She does not believe any news, and she just believes herself.

By Bich Nguyen

My Interview

My partner’s name is Bich. She is from Vietnam. Bich is interested in cooking. It is her hobby. Her memorable event was when she got married. Bich dreams about buying a new house. She follows the news, but she doesn’t watch American channels, and she watches Channel 35, a Vietnamese channel. Bich is interested in world news, local news, and weather forecast. Usually she watches TV when she has dinner. She believes in the news, but not always, because sometimes the news is the truth and sometimes it is a lie. She never gives feedback.

By Natalia

Interview with My Partner

This morning, I interviewed my partner, May, who is a beautiful younger girl and who came from China last year. She is interested in cooking and paying attention to fashion things. She often goes to nightclubs with her friends on weekends. When she was 18 years old, she got the first pay in her life. She recalled this as her most memorable event. She dreams to open a fashion shop in the future. Before this, she wants to become a fashion buyer and she always follows this kind of news.

Her interests also include world news, national news, and health news…etc. Besides, she told me that looking at fashion news every day is very important to her. She often goes to because this website talks about fashion topics. She often reads magazines such as Vogue and EllE, which I think also regard to the same things.

When I ask her “who do you believe”, she said that she chooses to believe herself, because one thing always has two sides and people usually cannot objectively comment on both sides. I agree with her.

By Yuming Chao

My Interview

My interview

I interviewed my partner, whose name is Hisking Tien. He is an old man. He is 78 years old. He is from Taiwan. He likes using computer to watch news. His dream is to live for a long time. I hope he will. He and his daughter live in the U.S.A. but they don’t live together.

In my interview, he said he always follows the news, headlines or top stories, and weather forecast. He looks news on the internet using Google and listens to NPR before he goes to sleep every night. He likes to watch weather forecast, because he wants to know about everyday weather. He doesn’t like entertainment, and he thinks that is what young people are interested in. He never watches CNN news, because he doesn’t understand English very well. If important and serious news are discussed in the news, he believes himself. He doesn’t believe everything that he sees, and he only believes his own feelings.

By Xueqin Weng