Sunday, November 6, 2011

interview ESL66

My partner's name is Suhee, she is from Korea. She usually follow the news three or four times a week. She likes to read the news which about fashion, entertainment and medical problem on the Korea website. She interested in these topics because she is a nurse and she loves fashion, and she enjoy the gossip about some actor. She is not really  trust all the news, sometime is depends on what topic of the news talking about.

Interviewing June.
She is from China, and she is studying at CCSF.She follows news, and contacts the news through the TV, but usually get the information on the internet two or three times a week. She is interested in some pop news or interesting things around us. She believes the news most of the time because sometimes they just against each other. Also, she thinks that her perspective is being represented. 


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