Thursday, November 10, 2011

My friend Ping Wang

Ping Wang is a Chinese woman. She is 48 years old. Every week, she spends her fee time shopping and she is good at cooking.
The most memorable event in her life is the day when her sons were born. When I asked her “How about your wedding?”, she said “I can forgot the day I got married but I never forget the day my sons were born.” She is a great mother!
There are five people in her family: Ping Wang, her husband, two sons and a daughter. They have lived in a small house together for a long time. Her dream is to buy a big house for her family and to help her daughter become a famous musician.
Every morning, she checks the news from computer at and sometimes from some Chinese newspapers or through her friends. She follows the news and she is interested in local news and world news. She didn’t believe anything about news when she lived in China, and now in America she can believe what the news says and sometimes she still doesn’t believe. She would rather believe in herself.
She thinks her perspectives are being presented. Sometimes in some Chinese news, she doesn’t agree with some things so she comments in Chinese but she never gives feedback to world news because she thinks that maybe she can’t understand the news clearly, and she might misunderstand it. Another reason is that her English is poor to write and explain her ideas.

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