Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Interview

My mane is Ngoc. My homework today is “My Interview”, which talks about my partner’s opinions to get news. My partner is Anh Ngo, Vietnamese. She likes shopping, seeing movies, and visiting her husband’s relatives. Her dream is to have a good job to buy a big house, and to save a lot of money to open a company in Vietnam.
She lives with her husband. They sometimes follow the news on TV about three times a week. She is interested in World news (especially political news), and local news (especially crime), and entertainment. Her favorite channel is CNN news, and she also likes to go on internet at www.yahoo.com too.
She just believes in herself. She told me “when I see some news about Viet Nam here, especially politics, I believe half and half”. Because almost people in US follow The Democratic Republic of Vietnam; but in fact in Viet Nam, the people follow The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. They have different political system, and only positive things not negative ones about themselves are talked about. So, she often discusses news with many people and follows many channels. I think she is right, because I am the same.

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