Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My interview

Georgina is from Mexico. She is married and she has 2 children, and she likes clean her house every day. She said: clean house is not work, it’s her interest, clean house can let her happy all day. And she likes cook her home county food to her family to eat. She memorable are her wedding and when her daughter and son born. She has big dream, she want to buy big house.
Georgina need take care her children, so she doesn’t has enough time can watching TV news every day! But she said when she watching news she likes watching world news, local news, national news, and headlines news, health, sports, technology, and education, weather forecast…etc. and she also use internet and TV, and newspaper. She specific source is CNN News.
She believes her country's news is true, but not necessarily advice or to give her feedback, she just wanted to use to seen news to miss her home country.

By Sarah Kuo

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