Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Classmate

My classmate’s name is Anh Lam. She is Vietnamese. Her interests include reading, shopping, and surfing the internet. She read Vietnamese books before going to bed and she goes shopping very weekend with her sister. She follows news everyday. In the evening she watches TV (channel 26-5, a Vietnamese channel) for news in the world or local news, and in the morning before going to school she surfs the internet at for news about Vietnam. So she has a lot of news to discuss in her free time. She gets information from a lot of sources and she thinks not everything is presented objectively, and she usually makes her own decisions on what to believe. The most memorable event for her was the day she left Vietnam with her family to go to the US. On that day, it was raining heavily, which made her very sad. And now, she is living with her younger brother and her mom. So she wants to have her own house and own a small business for herself.

Posted by Phuong Nguyen

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