Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Report about My Partner

My name is Tram Nguyen. I have a report about my partner. I interviewed her for about 15 minutes.

Her name is Huichen. She came from Taiwan. She told me that she likes to exercise with her husband every morning in a park near her house and come back home to eat breakfast. She does some chores in the house.

Her hobby is reading Chinese books, especially history books. Her most memorable event is when she climbed to the top of a high mountain in Taiwan and looked down feeling very scared. She told me that she wants to pass an interview to become a U.S. citizen.

She usually follows the news on TV. She wants to watch about her country and what happened at there. She believes her husband. When she wants to get a clear view of things talked about in the news, she always discusses with her husband. I don’t always believe news either. I think that some news is just speculation only and I am not sure whether it has happened or not.

Thank you for reading my report.

Posted by Tram Nguyen

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