Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Interview

Today, I want to introduce my classmate. His name is Coung. He is from VN.

He wants to know news but he doesn’t follow the news that often. He likes sports, for example, basketball, soccer and swimming. So sports news is his favorite. And sometimes she looks at world news, entertainment, and technology, which is not only on Internet and TV but also in magazines and through friends. But he doesn’t believe everything he sees, and he said that he only believed himself.

He is good at designing .He got a scholarship for computer programming when he was 20 years old in VN. But he didn’t want to be a computer engineer. He dreams of winning the lottery in the future so that he will have a lot of money.

I can’t do anything for him, so I only give my best wishes for him. Hope his dream will come true.

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