Thursday, November 3, 2011

I interviewed my classmate about News.

Hi, everybody This is Abdulla Naim. I am from Bangladesh. I want improve my learning English. That is why i am taking ESL 66. In the picture the handsom guy standing in my left side he is Thant Zin Aung. He is a student of CCSF and he is my classmate. Few days ago we were discussing about news and its reliability. I asked him few question and he answered me deliberately. The first question that i asked him it was weather he follow the news or not ? In reply he told me that he follow different sources of news. Being a representative of new generation he likes to follow the news on internet. He has special interest in various sector For example Fashion, Sports, Entertainment, Science, Economics and International News. He told me that some News Agencies publish fabricated news for their own economical benefits. That is why he don not rely on any particular news agencies. He look into different sources and compare the news to get actual story., These are the main news agencies he likes to follow.

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