Monday, November 14, 2011

How Do You Stay Informed?

After studying the lesson on staying informed in our Side by Side book, we conducted classroom interviews. We found out that we stay informed in six ways: TV news, the newspaper, the radio, magazines, the Internet, and community meetings.

Some of our classmates follow the news more than others and we are interested in many things. For example, Hoa likes to know about local news in our community. Jingsen is interested in world news. Hien reads the Vietnamese newspaper to find jobs or look for an apartment. Behzad from Iran loves cars, so he looks for news about cars in magazines.

Where do we look for news? Yan Ling read the Chinese newspaper and goes online to Chinese news sites. Some Vietnamese students read the weekly Vietnamese paper called Thang Mo. Orawan, who is from Thailand reads the Milpitas Post. The TV news program mentioned most was CNN. Behzad likes to watch CNN for news about his country and world news. Dat enjoys going to the Voice of America website (VOA) to practice his English and read news in Special English.

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  1. my name is Dat, i'm from Vietnam, i stay informed by going to the Voice of America website(VOA). It's a helpfull website learning English, there are news, idioms, life skills, buiding vocabulary, and grammar.i like science