Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My first interview

Today I interviewed my classmate Mr. Zhao. He is a very smart man. He likes to fix things. For example: electrical, radio. He really enjoys family time. He has two daughters and one son. The most memorable event is his wedding day and when he got his first child. He was very touched. If he has free time he likes to drink tea. In the future he wants to visit some places such as Egypt because he enjoys exploring.

He usually reads news after lunch time. He likes to go to Internet, radio or TV to look for every thing. The website he always uses is YAHOO in Chinese language. And every night he watches DONGSHEN ET news, a Taiwanese TV station on channel 57, with family. He can find everything including news, weather forecast, health…If he drives he listens to FM105.1.a Chinese radio station for some traffic report.
So I think he really likes to follow the news. He told me he usually believes all of the news but he will check various resources to make sure his perspectives are being presented.

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