Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interview with My Partner

This morning, I interviewed my partner, May, who is a beautiful younger girl and who came from China last year. She is interested in cooking and paying attention to fashion things. She often goes to nightclubs with her friends on weekends. When she was 18 years old, she got the first pay in her life. She recalled this as her most memorable event. She dreams to open a fashion shop in the future. Before this, she wants to become a fashion buyer and she always follows this kind of news.

Her interests also include world news, national news, and health news…etc. Besides, she told me that looking at fashion news every day is very important to her. She often goes to because this website talks about fashion topics. She often reads magazines such as Vogue and EllE, which I think also regard to the same things.

When I ask her “who do you believe”, she said that she chooses to believe herself, because one thing always has two sides and people usually cannot objectively comment on both sides. I agree with her.

By Yuming Chao

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