Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better news is Less news

by Natalia Chernetsova, City College of
San Francisco ESL Student
My partner was:
Jinyan Li
from China

He has been in
San Francisco
one year

On the question does he follow the news he answered: No. The arguments were he thinks there is a lot of negative untrue information which you can’t filter and as a result you don’t know what do you want to watch and will it be useful for you; also most news lasts too long that you can get bored. Rarely the news on TV from his hometown can grab his attention, and he thinks these are not fully represented on his opinion.

He strongly believes that your relatives, close friends, and people who surround you are more important than if you get a bunch of information about some people you even don’t know. So more often you can see Jinyan on Facebook and other related sites and not paying major attention to the news.

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  1. I like your point of view, sometimes is better to fix our problems first and then try to fix the rest, but when we talk about politics and economy I think that we have to follow this news because they afect us directly.