Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My interview with Yao Ming on his retirement....naaa just kidding :)

by Yan,City College of San Francisco,ESL student.

I, Yan from Yangon, Burma have been studying
in San Francisco for a month and a half interviewed Amy from Guangzhou,China who has been in San Francisco for a year and few months.

YAN: Do you follow the news?

AMY: Nope not really. I only follow news when I have school work which isnt that often.

YAN: What interests you?

AMY: What interests me? I would have to say world news and yeah U.S sports news.

YAN: Where do you look?

AMY: mostly online New York Times and yahoo are my source and sometimes also newspaper in my own language like Xing Dao Newspapers.

YAN: Who do you believe?

AMY: I believe in main idea of the news but not the perspective opinions of others.

YAN: Are your perspectives being represented?

AMY: No cause I don’t believe in it cause sometimes the news does not tell the truth of my culture.


  1. I like this interview because he likes to follow sports like me and also I like the picture too.

  2. Nice beach for this interview! I also like reading SingTao Daily,which is in chinese, and I'm especially interested in entertainment.