Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where is the funny news??????

By Alex Yeon, City College of San Francisco ESL Student.

I interviewed Marisela, who is from Mexico and has lived in San Francisco for four years

Interviewer: Do you follow the news?
Marisela : Yes. Sometimes I read newspaper or watch TV news.

Interviewer: What interests you?
Marisela : I am interested in parts of entertainment, sports, and weather forecast in the

Interviewer: Where do you look?

Marisela : I look websites such as Google, Yahoo, and watch TV as well as listens to the

Interviewer: Who do you belive?
Marisela : Among the media, I believe TV news the most because I think it explains clearly and shows visual materials for reader to help understand the event or news.

Interviewer: Are your perspectives being respresented?

Marisela : I don't think so because i think there is not true information and they tend to
show one side of the news or events. For instance, article should be reported
fairly ,but sometimes it mention only positive or negative effect.

I finised interview with her. she was active and honest during interview.


  1. So nice! I should try to read sports' news like her :D

  2. Yes, I completely agree with what she said, it seems most of news reports have different bias.

  3. I agree Marisela's last answer. the news always come with the idea of reporter or author.