Thursday, September 29, 2011

Difference makes confused

by Amy Chen, City College of San Francisco ESL Student

Left Yan, right Amy

The respondent, who is named Yan Thein is from Burma Myanmar, has been in San Francisco for a month and a half.

Amy: Do you follow the news?

Yan: Yes, but I usually follow the sport news.

Amy: What interests you in the news?

Yan: Sports, and fashion news interest me the most, but I am also interested in world’s news, and US’s sport news.

Amy: Where do you look?

Yan: I look online, like Yahoo, YouTube and HYPEBEAST for fashion news.

Amy: Who do you believe?

Yan: I don’t really believe in the news, because the information may vary from site to site.

Amy: Are your perspectives being represented?

Yan: Nope, I don’t think so, because while in my country, we always get the made-up stories in the news.


  1. I hate the make-up news, even some of them are made by the government. It's so bad.

  2. I didn't know yan is interested in fassion. also, i agree with him.Because there are many website and they reported events with their perspectives, sometimes we may believe only one sight of the events.