Wednesday, September 28, 2011

News equal to Your Life?

by Rachel Tan, City College of San Francisco
 left:Rachel, right:Gloria

This is Gloria Esmeralda Medina Espinosa who is my interview partner. She comes from Mexico and has been in San Francisco since 2009.

Rachel: Hello, Gloria! Do you follow the news?

Gloria: Yes, I read news on the weekdays.

Rachel: What interests you?

Gloria: I like economic news and world news.

Rachel: Where do you look?

Gloria: San Francisco newspaper and online on the bloombery site.

Rachel: Who do you believe?

Gloria: I don't believe a lot, the news usually makes the events bigger than normal.

Rachel: Are your perspectives being represented?

Glroia: Not really. They always cover bad news. Every news about Mexico is about drug wars, and even I read that I feel scared to go back to my hometown.


  1. I like this interview because it is clear and also I like the picture.

  2. I'm also searching for world news and I agree with Gloria that it's 99.9% of negative information in the news(:
    Brief precise answers bthw-nice:)