Thursday, September 29, 2011

Different Culture

by Vivian Zhao, City College of San Francisco Student
Widad (left) and Vivian (right)
I want to introduce my partner Widad. She is from Morocco. She has lived in San Francisco for one year. She is a full time student who wants to study psychology. She likes to smile, her smiling is so pretty. She likes to talk with people. She is outgoing. She follows the news by herself sometimes, and she also watches some news arabic and english with her father. She is interested in the world news, including entertainment and politics. Most of time she gets the news online, the website is that covers the news all around the world. She is not sure that some fact is reported by news, but her perspectives are being represented frequently.


  1. You forgot to put she loves boxing LOL

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  3. It's me↑ I edited my profile from unknown to Kazumi.

    I like the idea which she checks the news with her father because I also watched the news with my family as I was in my country :)

  4. It's great that you like to follow world news. I like to follow as well. :)