Wednesday, September 28, 2011

News aren't old

by Martini Mok, City College of San Francisco ESL student

I have interviewed Ecaterina Patrasco few days ago and her nickname is Katrin. She comes from Russia and has been living in San Francisco for 3 years.

Martini: Do you follow news?
Katrin: Yes. I follow news every day. I follow about world news.

Martini: What interests you?
Katrin: Everything.For example: world news. Just like, I saw horrible news yesterday about elderly couple, he is 70 and she is 58 years old, who adopted a baby from Russia. The doctors have seen bruises and cuts on few different occasions of the baby. The ultimate blow over the head broken the boys skull, which result it in death.

Martini: Where do you look?
Katrin: I will watch Russian TV and listen to NPR every day. Sometimes, I listen to KQED twice a week. Left: Me Right: Ecaterina Patrasco

Martini: Who do you believe?
Katrin: I believe Russian TV such as Vremia

Martini: Are you perspectives being represented?
Katrin: Never because after listening to the news, I never discuss it with anyone.

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