Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hot Issue!!

by Karen Yip,
City College of San Francisco ESL Student

I interviewed my friend, Kazumi Saeki. She is from Japan, and she has been in San Francisco for eight months.

K: Kazumi Saeki
I: Interviewer

I: Do you follow the news?

K: Yes, I often check the news.

I: What interests you?

K: My home country's news and world news, especially the news about Korea and China.

I: Where do you look?

K: I look on Yahoo Japan and Yahoo US.

I: Who do you believe?

K: I believe in famous broadcasters, especially the broadcasters in news TV channels which for young people at the night, such as News 24 and News Zero.

I: Are your perspectives being represented?

K: It depends. For example, I would believe in Japanese articles about good events in my country rather than the US, but I also believe in bad issues about Japan written by Americans.

**Photo: Kazumi Saeki(right), Karen Yip(left)


  1. Karen does follow news....a lot...unlike me haha

  2. i dont follow news a lot though. lol im too lazy ~__~