Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shocked News

By Leon Gao, City College of San Francisco ESL Student
I interviewed Qing Liang who is from China and has been San Francisco for almost 3 years.

Here is our Q & A.

Leon: Do you follow the news?

Qing: Not really. I just follow news sometimes.

Leon: What interets you?

Qing: I am interested in the news about entertainment and social security. For example, I followed the news about the Sichuan earthquake and the Japan earthquake. The news really gave me a big shock.

Leon: Where do you look?

Qing: I only use the Internet to look news with my computer at home. is one website I use most often.

Leon: Who do you believe?

Qing: It depends on the situation in the news. Mostly, I support the one which I am interested in.

Leon: Are your perspectives being represented?

Qing: Sometimes I have the idea with prejudice. For example, the economy is not so good in the United States now, but I disagree strongly that the government cut the budget of education and increase tuition time after time. Maybe the news which I support or against is based on our benefits.


  1. I agree with Qing about that the news which she supports or against is based on our benefits. I think it is a common thing for everyone and I would like that the tuition fee for study goes down!!

  2. I support you guys and I think that no matter how the government try to obtain money, the education shouldn't suffered and became the first aim by cutting the budget!!!