Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is He A News Junkie ?

By Qing Liang, City College of San Francisco ESL Student.

I had a good time to interview my classmate Leon, he is from China and has been in America for one and half years.

Qing: Do you follow the news?

Leon: Not really. It depends on the topics of the news.

Qing: What interests you?

Leon: I'm interested in the news that is about sports, technology, society, and politics.

Qing: Where do you look?

Leon: I usually read the newspapers in the library during my lunch break at work. If I have time, I will go to a website like or to search my interesting news at home. Most of the news I read is in Chinese, which is my first language.

Qing: Who do you believe?

Leon: It also depends on the topics the person talk about. For example, the recent news I'm interested in is San Francisco's 2011 Mayoral race, and I would like to believe in David Chiu, because some of his views of how to help the economy of San Francisco seem workable.

Qing: Are your perspectives being represented?

Leon: I t
hink my perspectives are being represented when the news interests me, and it is also related to my benefits, such as the news about the cut down service of the SF Muni. Because I often take bus to school, I disagree with it strongly.

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  1. I like this post. Very clear answers and nice pic:)