Thursday, September 29, 2011

Which one do you believe in?

Karen (left) and Kazumi (right)

by Kazumi Saeki, City College of San Francisco ESL Student

My friend, Karen Yip is from Hong Kong and has been here for two years. She fallows the news through the Internet. Her favorite website is Yahoo Hong Kong. She believed news reporters on TV when she was in her country. She is interested in home country news, world news and entertainment. Karen is strongly concerned about nature and animals because of this ecology system. Her perspectives depend on the news channels because she thinks some of them are reported subjectively. For example, when she watched the news on the Apple Action News about a girl who fell down from the fifth floor, they reported that the girl was curious so she climbed out of the window even though the fact was not clear. On the other hand, on the TVB News, they reported that the girl might act like that because of her curiosity. Karen would believe in the TVB News rather than the Apple Action News in this case. That's why she prefers to watch the news channels which are reported objectively.


  1. Sometimes I also believe the news from the channel which i like more. Because I understand it more than others.

  2. I agree with karen. I think we shouldn't always believe articles reported by news,because sometimes they mistook and didn't know exactly the cause of event. So, we find many kinds of news and have critical perspectives.