Thursday, September 29, 2011

A small country doesn't have news!!

By Gloria Medina, City College of San Francisco ESL student

Katy Kam Yap is from Panama and she has been here in San Francisco for one year and four months.

Gloria: Katy, do you follow the news?

Katy: Yes, but not often.

Gloria: What interests you?

Katy: I like to read articles about: science, crime and entertainment.

Gloria: Where do you look?

Katy: I read the newspaper Sunday and search on the New York Times website.

Gloria: Who do you believe?

Katy: I believe what is written in the newspaper because it's the only alternative that I have.

Gloria: Are your perspectives being represented?

Katy: I am from Panama and I have not seen news about my country. The only news I saw was few weeks ago that was a big crime, it’s very sad because I didn't like to see that the only time that Panana apeared in the news was just for the incident that happened.


  1. I like check the New York Times too! not often but sometimes...;)

  2. As Katy said, the only news she read about her country is bad news. I got the same feeling, it's true that the news is generally bad and often full of despair.